Use of Exons in 2-Hybrid system

Dean Danner Lab djdlab at
Tue Jun 13 12:55:07 EST 1995

I have heard that some labs are now using individual exons of proteins in the 
two-hybrid (interactive trap) system. I posted an earlier request for info on 
such a procedure and got little response, and the only response I got was
sent to my e-mail address.  From this I can only conclude that no one has 
published using this procedure.

I would just like to know what results, positive or negative, people have
gotten using individual exons in the 2-hybrid system, and the advantages, if any,
there is to using this approach rather than deletion analysis of a full length

If you would like to respond confidentially to my e-mail address below, rather
than posting on the net, I understand. I can promise that we will not disseminate
your unpublished data without your consent.

Any help will be appreciated.

Brett Burkholder
Emory University, Dept. of Genetics and Molecular Medicine
burkhold at

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