Imaging petri dishes

Stephen Mamber mamber at
Thu Jun 15 14:29:03 EST 1995

In article <3rjguf$hh2 at>, linder at says:

>Our problem is, that the petridishes come out like eggs. Apparently the 
>picture is fine on PC. 

Are you using an Olympus Cue-2 system by any chance?  You shouldn't be 
getting distortions when you recall saved files to the TV (not computer)
screen.  However, when I print saved pictures on the laser printer, they 
are distorted as you say.  But, they are not distorted on a dot-matrix 
printer (which of course lacks the detail that you get from a laser).  
The Olympus rep told me it was related to the differences in the 
printer control characters for each type of printer.  SWM

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