5-Fluoroorotic Acid

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Please note that Toronto Research Chemicals Inc. is a primary manufacturer
of 5-FOA. For the past 10 years TRC has supplied companies such as Sigma
Chemical Co. and American Biooranics as well as researchers in the field of
Yeast Genetics using 5-FOA. Our 5-FOA has a purity of greater than 99%.

We currently have a special deal for a 5g miniumum order:

F59500      5-Fluoroorotic Acid   [5-FOA]           5g    $115.00 USD
            mw 174.0                               PLUS $12.50 US SHIP BY MAIL.

        Useful in the selection of orotidine-5'-phosphate decarboxylase

m       Mutants of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.

        Winston, F., et al.: Genetics, 107, 179 (1984)

To place an order, please contact:

Charles E. Dime,
Toronto Research Chemicals Inc.
4481 Chesswood Dr.,
Downsview, Ontario,
Canada, M3J 2C3
Tal: (416) 638-9696 or 1-800-727-9240
Fax (416) 638-9728
E Mail: torresch at interlog.com

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