YEAST Sequences CD-ROM, V 2.0

Fri Jun 23 03:11:36 EST 1995

                                          H. Werner Mewes
                                          MPI f. Biochemie
                                          82152 Martinsried

Dear colleagues,

we are pleased to announce that the CD-ROM 'YEAST-SEQUENCES' (2.0) is
ready to be shipped. As you can see from the description below, it
contains proteins and nucleic acid sequences of S. cerevisia
accessible through the ATLAS query program. Also protein sequences
from the PIR-International Protein Sequence Database are included,
organized in families on the conservative assumption of 50% identity.
Multiple alignments for these families are included.

The completed and published chromosomes (I, II, III, V, VIII, IX and
XI) are available in form of the AScDB database. A total of 500 copies
is available, due to the support of the Yeast Industry Platform. In
the following, you find a description of the content. Those of you
that have signed up the list at the Lissboa conference you do not need
to reply. Also the contractors of the EU sequencing project will
receive the CD automaticaly.

We currently negociate with the publishers of 'YEAST' to include the
CD-ROM regularly. We hope that this will be a more appropriate
distribution for most of you. Please write your reply to
"mewes at"

Best regards,

H. Werner Mewes


          YEAST SEQUENCES  (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)
          Release 2.0  June 8, 1995

          MIPS Max-Planck-Inst. f. Biochemie
          82152 Martinsried
          Tel. +49 89 8578 2656, FAX +49 8578 2655
          e-mail: mewes at

Contributions to this CD-ROM: 

MIPS: S. Liebl, P. Jordan, F. Pfeiffer, H.W. Mewes
Sanger Centre, Cambridge: E. Sonnhammer

This CD-ROM contains the complete sequences of chromosomes I, II, III,
V,  VIII, IX and XI together with a collection of currently available
information on  S. cerevisiae sequences. A selected dataset of protein
sequences compiled from  the PIR-International Protein Sequence
Database is included as well as a database of protein families, yeast
FASTA homology data. The protein sequences are  separated into four
datasets: (i) all proteins in PIR-International ordered into families
and superfamilies, (ii) all proteins in PIR-International that are
unclassified (immunoglobulins are excluded from this dataset) (iii)
yeast proteins from systematic sequencing projects, ordered by the
systematic nomenclature (iv) all other yeast proteins in
PIR-International. Data can be accessed through the ATLAS database
program as described in the following. The sequences of chromosomes
II, III and XI were unraveled by a consortium of  European
laboratories supported by the Commission of the European Union are 
available in the form of AScDB ('A Saccharomyces cervisiae Database)
which  can be downloaded to UNIX workstations.

Sequence data from chromosomes II, III and XI have been contributed as
a result  of a European collaboration funded by the Commission of the
European Communities under the BRIDGE and BIOTECH programs (see Oliver
et al., Nature (1992) 357: 38-46 ; Dujon et al., Nature (1994) 369:
371-378: EMBO JOURNAL (1994) 13, 5795-5809 Feldmann et al., EMBO ).
The production of the CD-ROM was supported by the Yeast Industry
Platform  (YIP).

Databases on this CD-ROM (indexed in ATLAS)

The following databases are included:

Name    #       Type    Release Description
PIRFAM  39239   PROT    44.00   PIR-International Entries classified
PIR_NOF 29830   PROT    44.00   PIR-International Entries non-classified
PROTFAM 2719    TEXT    44.00   Protein Families
SC_SYS  1840    PROT     1.00   Yeast Proteins from systematic 
                                sequencing (Standard nomenclature)
SC_NOS  2519    PROT     1.00   Yeast Proteins from non-systematic sequencing
YEASTFA 4280    TEXT     3.00   Fasta Scores of Yeast Entries
LISTA   1417    TEXT     4.10   Compilation of encoding
                                proteins from yeast (P. Linder)
EM_FUN  8419    NUCL    42.00   EMBL Fungi Sequences
GB_PLN  22133   NUCL    88.00   GenBank Plant Sequences
GB_LNG  3       NUCL    88.00   GenBank Very Long Sequences

AScDB - A Saccharomyces cerevisiae Data Base

AScDB is a genomic database for the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 
implemented in the graphical genome database package ACEDB.  AScDB
currently contains publicly available data for Chromosome I, II,  III,
V, VIII, IX and XI. The AScDB files are compiled as a collaboration
of S. Liebl (MIPS) and E. Sonnhammer (Sanger Centre, Cambridge).

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