Yeast SER1: reply

Belhumeur Pierre belhumep at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Wed Mar 1 10:59:01 EST 1995

Dear Nagu,

We published the SER1 gene in 1994 calling it, thern, very cautiously 
SERC for its homology to this gene in E. coli (Yeast vol. 10: 385-389). The 
accession number is L20917. This fragment could complement a ser1 mutant 
isolated a long time ago which sort of confirmed its function. It also 
contains the so-called phosphoserine aminotransferase protein signature. 
As for its localization on chromosome 15, I simply probed a chromosome 
blot with a GSP2 probe which is adjacent (contiguous, about 800 bp) and I 
got a signal on Chr 15, on which was also mapped SER1 a long time ago!! 

We have not done any biochemistry on the null we made but it was, as 
expected, serine minus.

Hope this discussion was enlightning,


Pierre Belhumeur, Ph.D.
Dept. Microbiology
Universite de Montreal

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P.S. I guess there is some confusion coming from the fact that we did not 
name it SER1 per se but SERC and that another group has the same sequence 
submitted in 1995 (accession number you gave) under SER1 denomination. 
You can call me up if you wish to discuss it further. PB

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