H medium for yeast

Michael Lichten lichten at HELIX.NIH.GOV
Thu Mar 2 17:45:18 EST 1995

I am forwarding this message from Reed Wickner, in response to a request
posted earlier that I forwarded to him.

>Date: Thu, 2 Mar 1995 16:02:13 -0500 (EST)
>From: "Reed B. Wickner M.D." <wickner at helix.nih.gov>
>To: Michael Lichten <lichten at helix.nih.gov>
>Subject: Re: H medium for yeast
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>Dear Mike:
>H medium is only a minor modification of the synthetic complete medium
>described in the CSH yeast lab manual or in Fred Sherman's article in the
>Guthrie and Fink compendium on yeast methods. It is no more amine-free
>than those other media. It can be made amine-free by care in preparation
>and purificaton of the components and by not sterilizing it in an
>autoclave whose steam supply includes some amines (as many do).
>Can you forward this to the original guy?

I apologize for forgetting who posted the request earlier.  Please note
that Yeast Nitrogen Base without amino acids or ammonium sulfate is
available from DIFCO (cat # 0335-15-9), and the formula is given in the
DIFCO Manual.  I hope that this is helpful, whoever and where ever you are.

Michael Lichten
lichten at helix.nih.gov

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