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At  8:44 AM 2/23/95 -0800, SGD Curator wrote:
>The Saccharomyces Genome Database needs your assistance in obtaining a
>complete list of all gene names used for S. cerevisiae.  If you have
>published a new gene name in the past two years or are considering to
>use a new gene name please consider completing the form below and
>returning it to the SGD.
>The Gene Name Registry for S. cerevisiae was transferred to the SGD
>project by Bob Mortimer in early 1994.  We are working to resolve all
>gene nomenclature issues including the multiple use of one name for
>more than one gene or the use of several names for one gene.  It is a
>great benefit to the database project if you fill out the form below
>so that we have more complete information.  We are exploring the
>literature and GenBank entries to find new gene names.  However, your
>submission will allow the gene name to be included within the
>database, with an appropriate citation, more quickly.
>The current list of gene names in the Registry is available via Gopher
>and WWW.  We are happy to assist you in obtaining access to the SGD
>Please check with the Gopher and WWW forms of the database when
>choosing a new gene name to avoid possible conflicts.  Also please
>register your gene names before publication or submission of a
>GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ/PIR/SwissProt sequence entry.  The form below is a
>suggestion of the types of information we wish to include within the
>Mike Cherry
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>Name:          Robert W. West Jr.
>Date:          March 3, 1995
>Laboratory of: Same
>Department:    Biochemistry
>Institution:   SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse
>City/Country:  Syracuse, NY USA
>Postal Code:   13210
>FAX:           (315) 464-8750
>Phone:         (315) 464-8722
>E-mail:        westb at vax.cs.hscsyr.edu
>Gene name:     HFM1
>Explanation of gene name acronym: Helicase Family Member
>Old name (if changed): GOP (GAL Operator-binding Protein)
>Gene product:  C4 zinc finger DNA-binding protein of low sequence specificity 
                in vitro; DNA/RNA helicase family member.
>Phenotype:     Not lethal
>Reference -
>Authors (Last, Initials): West Jr., R.W., Thomas, S., and Ma, J.L.
>Title: manuscript in preparation
>Page numbers:
>In Press?
>In preparation? Yes
>Comment or note: 
 /note="Probable 119 kD DNA/RNA Helicase Family Member
                     (HFM) protein, also containing a C4 zinc finger and
                     showing low-specificity (but zinc-dependent) DNA-binding
                     in vitro.;Significant homology to S. cerevisiae SKI2 and
                     YER172C genes and to a hypothetical protein from human
                     myeloblast cDNA library.;Synonym = GOP (putative GAL
                     Operator-binding Protein).  Description: Helicase Family
                     Member;  HFM1 protein;  Method: conceptual translation
                     supplied by author."

3687 bp dsDNA sequence submitted to Genbank via BankIt on March 3, 1995
>(Repeat any fields as needed.)

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 and Molecular Biology
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