Leu2-d and Ura3-d vectors

Rajesh N. Parekh rnpg0802 at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu
Sun Mar 5 03:41:19 EST 1995

Dear netters,

I am in search of vectors for S. cerevisiae that have Trp1 Leu2-d or
Trp1 Ura3-d markers for high copy level expression. It would be nice
if the vectors had some sort of polylinker for cloning the promoter-gene-
terminator cassette. Alternatively any vectors with Leu2-d or Ura3-d with
the Gal1-10 promoter already cloned in would also be of interest to me.

I apologize if this request is posted too often.

I will appreciate any information regarding the vectors and will glady
summarize if there is enough interest.

Thanks for your help 

Raj Parekh
Univ. of ILLinois
parekh at aries.scs.uiuc.edu

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