transformation techniques

Ian A. York york at
Sun Mar 12 16:04:03 EST 1995

	Yeast people are probably getting pretty tired of amateurs 
staggering into their group, mumbling incoherently about the two-hybrid 
system .  . . but here comes another one.  

	My question is - what techniques do you recommend for 
transformation?  The Red Book of molecular biology, from which I'm 
getting all my information, gives methods for LiAcetate, electroporation, 
spheroplasts.  I've heard that there is also a good PEG protocol.  

I gather that the lithium acetate procedure may be the best.  It's also a 
real pain to prepare the salmon sperm DNA . . . anyone have any 
suggestions, favourite methods, comments, helpful tips?  Any help would 
be much appreciated.


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