Graphic files with S.c. genetic map

Fri Mar 17 06:33:34 EST 1995

Hello to everybody:

I am preparing a course protocol on yeast genetics and molecular biology
and I am looking for an up-to-date genetic map of S. cerevisiae.
For the moment I have just put a scanned version of the map from a 1992
textbook into the script.

It would be ideal if there was a graphics file containing the information
that I could integrate into the course protocol.
Does such a file(s) exist somewhere ?

In addition, I am looking for graphic files containing the ADE or URA
pathways with structural formulas. Is such information electronically
available ?

Thanks very much in advance,	Achim

_/        _/        _/		Achim Wach
 _/      _/_/      _/		University of Basel
  _/    _/  _/    _/		Biozentrum, Dept. Applied Microbiology
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