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Michael Lichten lichten at HELIX.NIH.GOV
Sat Mar 18 14:40:23 EST 1995

Steve Kron writes:

>Perhaps it is time to switch to a more moderated format.

I disagree strenuously.  The random pleas for help and email addresses are
exactly what the net are for.  One person's trivia is another one's
substance. I don't think that the volume of mail on this listserve is so
great as to impose a hardship.  I am more than willing to tolerate the
slight inconvenience that it involves for the sake of preserving open and
free access--which I believe is far more important than giving a select
group a venue to discuss its specific interests.

Once you start controlling access, or segregating it, the whole system
breaks down.  I am interested in recombination and genome structure--are
the things I want to read of interest to someone working on vacuolar
biogenesis?  Where do you draw the line?  It seems to me that once you
start a process of balkanization, there's no place to stop.

When I see a request on the net for an email address or help with a method,
I generally reply directly to the poster if I think that the issue is
"trivial" or if it's been discussed before; if I think that the issue is of
general interest I also cc: to the newsgroup.  Perhaps this practice would
help to reduce "clutter" if others adopted it.

P.S.  Is this an intelligent discussion of scientific matters of interest
to the yeast community? ;-)

Michael Lichten
lichten at

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