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>(From what I've read about the Internet, I think the following is called

  Not really. A little mild complaining, perhaps. You didn't even say
Mo********er once. :-)

>I think that many of us who monitor the yeast network have become very
>disappointed with the increasing amount of advertising, detritus and random
>pleas for help or email addresses.  I can't remember the last thread of
>intelligent discussion that was worth following. 

  Well, that's the net. The ads are unfortunate, but almost certainly a 
temporary bother. Complain to postmaster at the site where the ad came
  From a long net experience, I want to say that you can't increase good
discussions by changes in newsgroup structure. I've seen it dozens of
times. People hope that by creating a new group they can generate discussion
of some topic. It always fails. If people had real interesting things to
say about yeast, they'd be saying it already.
  And even if you could get rid of the few ads and things that get posted, 
that isn't really going to pull in lots of new subscribers. And as far as
things like the 2-hybrid system, it _is_ the hot yeast subject right now.
I hate all those newbie questions too, but there isn't anythign to be done
about it. In a while they'll all go away and some other topic will come up.
To feel better about it, just think of all those researchers trying so hard
with the 2-hybrid scheme when it is really the biggest artifact generator
since...  since... well, probably of all time. :-)


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