Transforming E. coli with Yeast DNA... HOW!?

SLForsburg susan_forsburg at
Wed Mar 22 19:50:06 EST 1995

Esther Guarinos <EGUARINOS at> wrote:
>      I'm trying to check some yeast transformants by transforming E. coli with 
> their DNA. The trouble is that I don't get any transformant of E. coli.
>      How can I prepare the yeast DNA to get some transformants?

Yeast DNA preps are often difficult to transform into coli. My lab 
has had great success using electroporation of E. coli as our
transformation method of choice with yeast DNAs.  Where using other 
methods we were lucky to get 1-2 colonies, we can get hundred by EP.  
Without electroporation, we had better luck when we cleaned thd DNA
with Promega's WIZARD cleanup kit.  for some reason it did a better
job than GENECLEAN.  But electroporation is the way to go.


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