Transforming E. coli with Yeast DNA... HOW!?

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Thu Mar 23 16:30:04 EST 1995

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> Esther Guarinos <EGUARINOS at> wrote:
> >
> >      I'm trying to check some yeast transformants by transforming E.
coli with 
> > their DNA. The trouble is that I don't get any transformant of E. coli.
> > 
> >      How can I prepare the yeast DNA to get some transformants?
> Yeast DNA preps are often difficult to transform into coli. My lab 
> has had great success using electroporation of E. coli as our
> transformation method of choice with yeast DNA> 
> susan

I agree - electroporation is the method of choice (especially for a
cen-based vector).  We had little trouble isolating clonable DNA from YPD
(no selection) cultures.

Colin MacDiarmid
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