Commercial Myc Antibody?

Hoffmacs Hoffmacs at HERMES.BC.EDU
Tue Mar 28 09:42:37 EST 1995

Dear John (or anyone else who knows the answer),
Do any of the Santa Cruz monoclonals recognize the myc-epitope commonly used
in epitope-tagging?
Charlie Hoffman
"I'd rather be fission."

frankli at SEQUENCER.WUSTL.EDU wrote:

> Hi, buddies!

> Does anyone know a commercial source for Myc antibody?

> Thanks for any suggestion.

> Frank Li
Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. sells monoclonals against myc family members
that are supposed to be specific.  They also claim that they are suitable
for IHC, Western blot and immunoprecipitation.  I've only used the c-myc
and N-myc antibodies for Western blots so far, but they look good.

Santa Cruz Biotech
phone: 408-457-3800
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