Total DNA isolation

Brian Krett bkrett at ACNS.ColoState.EDU
Wed Mar 29 14:03:34 EST 1995

	Someone wrote a letter requesting a protocol for total yeast 
isolation using zymolyase. This is definitely a method of extracting the 
DNA but I have been using a faster and eaiser method to obtain the same 
	Adding glass beads and phenol in a tube along with the cells and 
vortexing for a total of 3' alternating every 30 sec. on ice works 
extremely well for me. By the way  this is the method that I use to 
isolate total cell RNA tool. (Of course using 5M LiCl instead of NaOAc)
	Using the zymolyase works as well as a more gentle method. I use 
the Zymolyase to isolate the nuclei for invivo work. 
	If you have any questions e-mail me for more info.
					bkrett at
					Colorado State University

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