LacZ reporters

Lynn A. Sheldon LynnA.Sheldon at
Sun Nov 26 15:11:39 EST 1995

	I am doing nuclear run-ons in yeast and need a reporter construct that 
has the LacZ gene with either a Gal4 or LexA DNA binding site upstream 
of it. The reporters that I now have are from the Brent lab and have the 
divergently transcribed Gal1/Gal10 promoters flanking the binding 
site(derived from pRY131(West et al., MCB4,1984) for those familiar with 
these plasmids). I need a reporter with only one promoter because of the 
obvious problems presented when there is divergent transcription in the 
run-on assay. Does anyone know of a reporter that fits the description? 
A Ura,Trp or Leu marker is also be needed and the LexA binding site is  
preferred. Thanks for any suggestions. 

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