New Saccharomyces Sequences 11/30/95

SGD Sequences yeast-seq at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Thu Nov 30 15:41:44 EST 1995

CSLYS4      X93502     2716bp    DNA      PLN      28-NOV-1995
    S.cerevisiae LYS4 gene.
    homoaconitase; Lys4 gene; lys4.

SCDNPFK27   X90861     2588bp    DNA      PLN      27-NOV-1995
    S.cerevisiae pfk27 gene.
    6-phosphofructo-2-kinase; pfk27 gene; pfk27.

SCU12141    U12141    44458bp    DNA      PLN      29-NOV-1995
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome XIV left arm fragment.
    YL9A; ribosomal protein YL9; YNL1612; YNL1613; membrane protein; MAS5;
     YNL1614; Mas5p; YNL1615; YNL1616; YNL1619; YNL1620; YNL1621; YNL1622;
     OMP2; outer mitochondrial membrane protein porin; YNL1626; MSG5;
     tyrosine phosphatase; Cox5A; cytochrome c oxidase subunit Va; YNL1627.

SCU39205    U39205    37947bp    DNA      PLN      29-NOV-1995
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome XVI, left arm, cosmid 8460.
    geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate homolog; aldehyde dehydrogenase homolog; S.
     cerevisiae Mrs2p homolog; tRNA-Cys; Ty4; glutaredoxin-like homolog; S.
     cerevisiae Pdr5p homolog; SUR1; LEE1; KTR6; D. melanogaster ARL2
     homolog; LPE1c; Lpe1p; LPE2c; Lpe2p; LPE3c; Lpe3p; LPE4w; Lpe4p; LPE5w;
     Lpe5p; LPE6c; Lpe6p; LPE7w; LPE8w; Lpe8p; LPE9w; Lpe9p; LPE10w; Lpe10p;
     LPE13w; Lpe13p; LPE14c; Lpe14p; Sur1p; LPE16c; Lpe16p; LPE17c; Lpe17p;
     Lee1p; Ktr6p; LPE20w; Lpe20p; LPE21w; Lpe21p.

SCU39947    U39947     3491bp    DNA      PLN      30-NOV-1995
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae DOA1 gene, complete cds.
    SAC1; Sac1p; DOA1; Doa1p.

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