luciferase for yeast?

Peter Russell yeast at
Wed Oct 4 19:30:11 EST 1995

Wolfgang Fecke wrote:
>are there any reporter genes available (apart from the common
b-galactosidase/X-gal system) which do NOT select for growth (like HIS3
or LEU2)? Does anyone have experience with the luciferase gene in yeast?
I am studying transcriptional activation with the lacZ gene in yeast and
would like to have a good control.


We have done some work with firefly luciferase in yeast - see NARes
19:4949-4953 (1991).  The paper describes experiments to test the
feasibility of doing RNA transfection experiments.  More recently
we have expressed luciferase from a YCp and a YEp based plasmid
vector.  Transient luciferase expression in yeast can also occur
from plasmids with the firefly luciferase gene under the control
of the CaMV 35S promoter.

Peter Russell
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