His-tag purification of multi-subunit protein

Fri Sep 1 03:26:25 EST 1995

Mike McAlear wrote:
        I have a question concerning the His-tag system for purifying
proteins from yeast.  I am thinking of trying to purify a multi-subunit
protein from yeast by tagging one of its subunits with the 6 x His tag.
Has anyone tried this approach?  I am concerned about whether or not the
other subunits will stay associated through the purification steps.  I
realize that different proteins will likely behave differently, but any
info would be appreciated.

Mike McAlear

Try contacting Debra Wiest in John Abelson's lab who recently reported 
at an RNA Processing meeting that this was successful for isolation 
of the Prp9/21/11 complex.
Jean Beggs

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