arabinose/Gal1 induction

Bruce G Adams bruce at
Fri Sep 1 20:03:59 EST 1995

In a 1 Septmber posting to the bionet Arle Kruckeberg cites Vince Cirrlo (J.
BActeriol. 95:1727-1731, 1968) as reporting the D-fucose and L-arabinose as
beihng gratuitous indcuers of the galactose regulon. They do, in fact, induce
when present, but as later reported by Azam, Kuo and Cirillo (J> Bacteriol.
106:915-919, 1971) this is due to the arabinose and fucose inactivating the
uridine-diphosphate-gluocse-4-epimerse enzyme, causing small amounts of
contaminating galactose in those prearations to build up and per se induce
the regulon, thus not being true gratuitous inducers. But, then, if it works,
don't knock it.

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