Gal promoter overexpression

Richard John Brennan brennan at
Tue Sep 5 12:38:02 EST 1995

Dear Yeasties

I'm looking for a plasmid containing "a gene" under Gal promoter control.
The specific gene is unimportant though the protein ideally should 
have nothing to do with DNA metabolism, metal binding or oxidative stress 
defense. Actin would be an ideal candidate, almost anything else would
be condidered. 

We want to overexpress a non-specific protein as a control for an
experiment where we have overexpressed antioxidant proteins and observed 
protection against heavy metal toxicity. Non of our in house
constructs could stringently be described as "non-specific unfortunately.

If you have a suitable construct and would be willing to let us have 
some for our work then we'd be very grateful. We'll aknowledge you
in any resulting publication of course.

Our experiment uses two genes and the bidirectional gal1-10 promoter, if you 
have anything using this system even better, if not it's not too important.

Thanks in advance

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