protein microsequencing (summary)

Tomas Drgon tomasd at
Mon Sep 11 16:31:14 EST 1995

Thaks to everybody who responded. Here's the summary:

From:  pelpw at

My lab would be willing to help you out (free)if you only have a limited 
number of samples. Further, I do not want to commit to long term projects
etc. But, if you only have a few samples we will be willing to help you

Paul Wingfield
National Institutes of Health
Building 6B, Room 1B 130
Bethesda MD-20892-2775
pelpw at


From: rah at


We operate a protein sequencing service, primarily for MRC staff, but will
perform runs for outside customers as and when capacity allows.  The
person to contact is Kate Sparks, MIP Unit, MRC Centre, Hills Road,
Cambridge CB2 2QH, UK.
Tel: +1223-402001.

Dick Harrison

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