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Wed Sep 13 08:43:30 EST 1995

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: I am a undergraduate student in biology.  Some day I hope to go to 
: graduate school in biochemistry. 

: I am a professional computer programmer. 

Hi Patrick! I may have just what your4re looking for.  I4m a psycho-
logy student, and I write neural simulation programs since many
years.  Now, I4m developing a tool-box to simulate neural behavior,
a kind of formal lenguage to describe brain theories.  It can be 
used to simulate small subsystems, maybe even the "learning" part
of animal models like Aplysia, Hermissenda or C. elegans.  The
idea is using a "chemical" learning algorithm, and test the model
against empirical data, either neural or behavioral.  I need
contact with people interested in molecular biology, neurophisio-
logy/anatomy, computer programming, behavior science, etc.  
Don4t worry if you4re less than a specialist in all these fields,
modesty is a disadvantage if you4re shooting at a Nobel Prize.  
If you4re interested, I can send you C source for Turbo C 3.0,
just email me.

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*  Universitaet Hamburg, Germany  *
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