b-Gal assay / yeast

M. Deshpande mdeshpan at blue.weeg.uiowa.edu
Fri Sep 15 16:21:37 EST 1995

There are various agents which can be used for permeabilization of yeasts 
eg. toluene, ethanol, Triton x-100 and CTAB. If you need specific 
references I can pull them from my files. While working on b-gal from A. 
pullulans we compared different agents but have some references where 
people have compared them using K. fragilis 

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On 14 Sep 1995, Kristin B. Andersson wrote:

> As a newcomer to yeast, I was wondering what is currently the best
> protocol for doing b-gal assays in yeast:
>           a) filter colonies  (other than dipping in N2)
>           b) suspension.
> A b-gal method for gram- bugs was recently described in Biotechniques
> using polymyxin B to permablilize the cell wall.  Has anyone tried
> anything similar for yeast??
> Thankfull for any advice
> Kristin
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