elec. transfer of DNA from yeast to E. coli

Chester Cooper chester.cooper at utmb.edu
Wed Sep 20 12:44:36 EST 1995

Re: Claus' recent message:

>Hello netters,
>   I use the plasmid isolation with glass beads and the transformation by 
>electroporation protocols cited in "Cunts protocols in molecular genetics" 
>(Ausubel et al 1991). They use to work well. If you don't get transformants 
>try to isolate the plasmids with a better protocol (maybe the plasmids have to 
>be cleaner). For this I sugest Holm et al (1986) Gene, 42: 169-173.
>  I hope it works.
>                          Claus
So Claus, exactly which adult book store carries Aususbel et al's book and
where is it located.  We are all anxious to get a copy of it.

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