zymolyase, oxalolyticase, beta-glucuronidase...

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>Subj:	zymolyase, oxalolyticase, beta-glucuronidase...
>Date:	95-09-19 22:46:56 EDT
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>Dear fellow netters,
>Spheroplasting...Different protocols because doing different things, we 
>now have in the fridge zymolyase 20T, 100T, beta-glucuronidase and well, 
>we now need to buy oxalolyticase...I got the difference between the 20 
>and 100T (not that hopeless...) but what about this last one, the 
>oxalolyticase? Can anyone tell me?
>A thousand thanks...
>Pierre Belhumeur
>Microbiology, U. of Montreal
>belhumep at ere.umontreal.ca
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