Electropor. in Yeast

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>> Hi everybody,
>> does anyone know a good source for the electroporation of S. cerevisiae
>> Thanks,
>> Christian
>A protocol usually comes with the cuvettes. This one came with the BRL ones:
>1. Grow cells in YEDP (2% pep, 1% YE, 2% gluc.) 50 ml. Harvest in log
>phase (5x10^7 cells/ml).
>2. Centrifuge at 2000 g 5 min 4oC. Wash cells 2x by resuspending in 25 ml
>of cold sterile water. (The goal is to decrease the conductivity)
>3. Resuspend cells in 250 ul of cold sterile water. Store on ice over
>short time. Some people even claim you can freeze it as E.coli (never
>4. Use 20 ul for 1 electroporation. Add 1 ug DNA and hold on ice for 15 min.
>5. Suspend all 21 ul between the bosses of the electroporation cuvette.
>6. Electroporator setting: 400 V, 10 uF and low ohmes.
>7. Remove cell suspension from the cuvette, add 79 ul sterile water, and
>plate the whole volume on a selective or whatever plate.
>rem:  some people recommend 1M sorbitol instead of water from step 3 and
>also in the plates.
>Tomas Drgon
>Vidno jak psoj kulky.
>(Old Slovak proverb)
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