halting transcription?

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>>I would like to halt transcription in S. pombe cells.  I think that this 
>>can be done easily in vitro using Actinomycin D, but I am not 
>>sure that the drug will enter yeast cells and work efficiently in 
>>vivo.  Does anyone have any comments or alternatives?
>Thiolutin has been used by Allan Jacobsen's lab, and others to inhibit 
>transcription in S. cerevisiae (see Herrick, et al., 1990, Mol. Cell. Biol. 
>10: 2269-2284).  We have tried it, and found it effective in Neurospora 
>crassa, whereas Actinomycin D was not, so it might work in S. pombe. 
>A major drawback is that it is not commericially available (see Herrick
>et al. for a possible source), and it also has inhibitory effects on trans-
>Martin Hoyt (R H Davis lab)
>Dept. Mol. Biol. and Biochem.
>University of California, Irvine
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