petite mutants

CMSaville cmsaville at
Thu Sep 28 19:29:43 EST 1995


   A colleague of mine is trying to use an ade2 reversion assay to
demonstrate UV mutagenesis in an undergraduate lab course.  I have a
couple of questions.  First, what is the best media to use to get the best
red color in colonies?  Second, when the ade2 strain is grown on YPD
plates, most colonies are red, but there are often many small white
colonies present.  Up to 40-50%.  One suggestion we have received is that
these are due to petite mutants.  To get around this we have tried to grow
 them on YPglycerol, but these do not turn red.   
  Any other suggestions? Is this common?  Is the petite mutant idea a
reasonable explanation?

Please respond to ksaville at

Thanks in advance.

Ken Saville

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