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> Greetings earthlings!
> Does anyone have experience using Clonetech's 'Matchmaker' yeast dihybrid 
> system? My question is what level of fusion protein expression (in
> yeast) can one expect? By that I mean ought I to be able to detect expression 
> (easily) by using Western blots? I have peptide specific antibodies for the 
> proteins I'm testing. Any replies (even regarding other's experience of this 
> dihybrid system) would be gratefully received.
> Cheers, Colleen.

   From the original kit, you cannot detect the fusion protein.  Sorry. 
However, there is a second (new and improved or so they say, and of course
it will cost more) kit that will be detectable by western, because it uses
different vectors.  Check the 1996 cataloge.

Let me know if you need more help, and I will ask the master tech (or so I
call her) working with this system contact you.

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