FTP sites for chromosome X

MEWES at MIPS15.dnet.mips.biochem.mpg.de MEWES at MIPS15.dnet.mips.biochem.mpg.de
Fri Sep 29 05:33:34 EST 1995

The release of the chromosome X sequences has been announced.
For users that might want to FTP the data, the EBI (ftp.ebi.ac.uk)
and the Stanford Genome Group (genome-ftp.stanford.edu) might be
convenient in addition to the MIPS server (ftp.mips.embnet.org).
We do currently push the data to these mirrors and hope that they
will be accessible during the day.

As mentioned earlier, we will be pleased to receive any information
to improve the annotation of these sequences and the Yeast Sequence
Database in general.

H. Werner Mewes
Max-Planck-Inst. f. Biochemie
82152 Martinsried

Please reply to: mewes at mips.embnet.org

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