colony hybridization?

Patrick Hurban hurban at
Mon Apr 1 18:19:46 EST 1996

Dear Yeast Experts,

I am in a fly lab but find myself working with yeast as part of a 2-hybrid
screen.  I would like to know if there are any protocols out there to
perform a colony hybridization, aka "Grunstein-Hogness Hybridization", on
yeast colonies instead of bacteria.  I haven't seen any and I'm guessing
that the cell wall may be a problem in this regard but I thought it best
to ask the experts directly.  Please reply with any information you may
have.  Thank you in advance.

Ciao for now,

Patrick Hurban
Department of Developmental Biology
Beckman Center B361
Stanford University School of Medicine
Stanford  CA  94305

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