Update NIH WWW Schiz. pombe page

Frans Hochstenbach fransh at Box-f.nih.gov
Tue Apr 2 15:21:59 EST 1996


I have updated my WWW Schiz. pombe page at URL


What¹s new?  Well, ...

* Ted Crump of the NIH Library translated excerpts of a 1894
  article about arrack yeast (asporogenic Schiz. pombe) by the
  Dutch Nobel laureate Christiaan Eijkman.
* A direct hyperlink is placed to a WWW page on arrack yeast, 
  CBS 352; this page was created at my request by Gerrit Stegehuis 
  of the Centraalbureau voor Schimmelcultures in the Netherlands.
* With advice from Franz Lang (University of Montreal), I am
  presenting a section on phylogeny of Schiz. pombe.
* I rearranged the picture collage of Schiz. pombe life cycle to
  better illustrate the four options of a newly born cell, at URL
* A test version of a simple Quicktime animation illustrating 
  the cell division cycle of Schiz. pombe can be downloaded via URL

Yours, ---Frans.
Frans Hochstenbach
fransh at Box-f.nih.gov

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