colony hybridization?

Mark Walberg walberg at
Tue Apr 2 06:52:47 EST 1996

Patrick Hurban wrote:
> Dear Yeast Experts,
> I am in a fly lab but find myself working with yeast as part of a 2-hybrid
> screen.  I would like to know if there are any protocols out there to
> perform a colony hybridization, aka "Grunstein-Hogness Hybridization", on
> yeast colonies instead of bacteria.  I haven't seen any and I'm guessing
> that the cell wall may be a problem in this regard but I thought it best
> to ask the experts directly.  Please reply with any information you may
> have.  Thank you in advance.
> --
> Ciao for now,
> Patrick Hurban
> Department of Developmental Biology
> Beckman Center B361
> Stanford University School of Medicine
> Stanford  CA  94305

Go upstairs and ask people in the Ron Davis lab.  
Also, look up a paper by Sue Klopholz in which a method is described 
for this..

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