yeast codon usage preferences chart?

Barbara Dunn bdunn at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Wed Apr 3 20:52:55 EST 1996

On 3 Apr 1996, David Kirkpatrick wrote:

>       I would like to back translate a protein sequence into DNA.  Does 
> anyone have a reference for codon usage by yeast, i.e. which particular 
> triplet is the most utilized in yeast for each amino acid?  Thanks in 
> advance,
> David Kirkpatrick
> email: dtkirkpa at
> web:

The CUTG database (from Yasukazu Nakamura) gives very up-to-date codon
usage statistics (8262 ORF's at this time).  The Web address is: 

By the way, it's very easy to search the archives of this newsgroup.  From
the SGD home page ( you
select "Search the BioSci Yeast newsgroup archive" (towards the bottom of
the home page, under "Other Information of Interest").  If you then enter
"codon usage" in the search form you will come up with a lot of messages
dealing with just this topic, including the Web addresses of the SGD and
CUTG codon usage tables. 

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