Are they true positves?

Seng-Lai Tan sltan at
Thu Apr 4 18:14:26 EST 1996


I've just done a yeast 2-hybrid screen using the Clontech Matchmaker kit.
I made my own library using Stratagene HybridZap kit.  I had some
pink colonies that grew on -His plates but they looked weird or different
from positve control Hf7c strain containing P53 and T Ag.  They also didn't
smell right.  They, nevertheless, turned blue on beta-gal lift assays.

Although, I was very careful when plating my cells, I now wonder if my
colonies are contaminants.  Are there any bacteria or any other bugs that
can grow on -His plates, look pink and use X-gal as subtrate?

Please help.  Many thanks in advance.


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