cyc minimal LacZ reporter plasmids

Detlef Weigel Detlef_Weigel at QM.SALK.EDU
Thu Apr 4 17:25:41 EST 1996

Hello Everybody out there,
I am looking for a yeast reporter plasmid having (if possible) a 
multicloning site at the 5' end of the minimal CYC promoter driving 
LacZ ("Guarente type" plasmids) but having either a TRP1 or a HIS3 
marker (my experimental setup is such that the LEU2 and URA3 markers 
are already taken by other plasmids).
If on top of that anybody would have a similar plasmid but driving 
the HIS3 gene instead of the LacZ gene (this would obviously have to 
be a TRP1 based plasmid...) to make some one hybrid type of approach 
it would be just perfect.
Thanks a lot for your help

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