Chorismate to PHB in Yeast?

Thu Apr 11 15:37:15 EST 1996

I have a Yeast question that I hope someone in the group can answer.  In 
bacteria the conversion of chorismate to para-hydroxybenzoate (PHB) is the 
first step in ubiquinone biosynthesis.  The reaction is carried out by the 
enzyme chorismate pyruvate lyase (CPL) encoded by the ubiC gene.  In a search 
of the literature I have not been able to find any references to a CPL activity 
in Yeast.  Is it known that chorismate is converted directly to PHB in Yeast as 
part of ubiquinone synthesis, or is the PHB derived from a different pathway?  
If it is a direct conversion it would seem that petite mutants blocked 
at this step would have been isolated and described in the literature.  Have I
missed something or is there a gap in the information on this pathway?

Many Thanks,

Frank Mondello


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