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Thu Apr 11 12:46:13 EST 1996

I also heard the calcium theory from an old prof, you might try EGTA at ~1mM.
Alternatively 50microL tween 80 per L medium can help.

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Michael Lichten (lichten at helix.nih.gov) wrote:
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: > Are there any innocuous compounds that you can add to a yeast culture 
: > that will reduce or eliminate flocculation?  Thanks.

: I have been told that some flocculation is calcium dependent.  We have
: found that for the clumping that strain SK1 displays, the addition of
: polypropylene glycol 2000 at 10 ppm (i.e. 0.001%) helps considerably to
: reduce clumping, although it doesn't eliminate it.  SK1 doesn't really
: clump much until it stops fermenting; this is of course no help if you
: have to grow high density cultures.

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