Found a cool cloning/primer program

Fri Apr 12 02:38:48 EST 1996

Hi all, I don't post often, however, a few months ago I posted a message
looking for a good cloning/primer package for Windows.  The only responses I
got were "If you find one...let me know".
Well, I have found a great program that seems powerful, USEFUL, and less
than half the price of what's out there.  
One of the coolest things about the program is that I had it make PCR
primers for me, and then I was able to save the PCR product and load it as a
molecule graphic!  The entire program is can jump from one
tool to another without closing any of them!  Unfortunately there is a
restriction in the evaluation can load any size molecule, but you
can only work with molecules of around 3000 bases or less..damn!  Anyway it
seem worth a good lookthrough.
                            you can thank me if you like it!
                                   P.M. post-doc

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