New Saccharomyces Sequences 04/13/96

SGD Sequences yeast-seq at GENOME.STANFORD.EDU
Sat Apr 13 07:26:18 EST 1996

SC130KBXV   X94335   129528bp    DNA      PLN      11-APR-1996
    S.cerevisiae 130kb DNA fragment from chromosome XV.
    ARS; delta element; delta remnant; open reading frame; tRNA-Asn;
     tRNA-Asp; tRNA-Gly; YOR2964c; YOR3116w; YOR3120w; YOR3124w; YOR3141c;
     transfer RNA-Asn; YOR3151w; YOR3154c; YOR3157c; YOR3160w; YOR3162c;
     YOR3165w; YOR3170c; YOR3172w; YOR3174c; YOR3177w; YOR3180c; YOR3182c;
     YOR3189w; YOR3193c; YOR3205w; YOR3211c; YOR3214w; YOR3220w; YOR3224w;
     YOR3227w; YOR3231w; YOR3234w; YOR3237w; YOR3240w; YOR3244w; YOR3248w;
     YOR3251c; YOR3254c; YOR3258w; YOR3263w; YOR3266c; YOR3269w; YOR3275c;
     YOR3278c; YOR3281c; YOR3284c; YOR3287c; YOR3290w; YOR3293c; YOR3296c;
     YOR3299c; tRNA-Asp; transfer RNA-Asp; YOR3311c; YOR3314w; YOR3317w;
     YOR3320w; YOR3326w; YOR3329c; YOR3332c; YOR3339w; YOR3348c; YOR3352w;
     tRNA-Gly-sup; transfer RNA-Gly-sup; YOR3367w; YOR3373c; YOR3510c;

SCCHVIIRA   X94332    35400bp    DNA      PLN      10-APR-1996
    S.cerevisiae DNA for fragment from chromosome VII.

YSCL9634    U53879    39322bp    DNA      PLN      12-APR-1996
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome XII cosmid 9634.
    L9634.4; L9634.3; L9634.5; SMD3; Small nuclear ribonucleoprotein D3
     homolog; (Swiss Prot. accession number P43321); ; PEP3; Vacuolar
     membrane protein (Swiss Prot. accession;  number P27801); ; L9634.7;
     STM1; G4 quadruplex nucleic acid binding protein;;  multicopy suppressor
     of tom1 and pop2 mutations (Swiss;  Prot. accession number P39051); ;
     L9634.8; L9634.9; L9634.10.

YSCMET30PA  L26505     3170bp    DNA      PLN      11-APR-1996
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae Met30p gene, complete cds.
    Met30p gene; Met30p.

YSCRTG2X    M97691     1950bp    DNA      PLN      12-APR-1996
    Yeast retrograde regulation protein 2 (RTG2) gene, complete cds.
    RTG2; Rtg2p.

YSCUFE1     L15081     1431bp    DNA      PLN      10-APR-1996
    Saccharomyces cerevisiae UFE1 gene, complete cds.

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