Yeast transformation protocol

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> Hello,
> I'm looking for someone who is able to transform yeast S.cerevisiae
> with high efficiency (10^6) and can provide his/her current protocol
> with some useful comments.
> Thank you
>            Martin Kucej

Did you try to add some pizzicata?

But seriously. Electroporation has been the most efficient way in my
hands. You can get up to 10^5 eff. (btw, you can get the recipe from the
Eppendorf homepage at 
                         xxxxxxxx  this is not a typo
Zymo Research claims you can get up to 10^5 eff. with their Frozen-EZ
yeast kit. Their e-mail is zymo at Maybe they can get you a free
Nevertheless, I have never heard from anybody getting more than 10^5. If
you find some method that does it, post it here, please.



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