1996 Cold Spring Harbor Lab Manual Source Book now available (free of charge)

Joan Boyce boyce at CSHL.ORG
Sun Apr 14 16:52:24 EST 1996

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press has announced the publication of its 
second annual Lab Manual Source Book. The Source Book is offered FREE of 
CHARGE to individual users/purchasers of CSHL Press lab manuals.

Information on how to obtain a FREE copy of the 1996 Source Book may be 
found at: 

        BioSupplyNet (new and improved), the Source Books WWW site   

The Source Book is a purchasing/reference companion to the techniques 
manuals published by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press. It is designed 
to be a yellow pages for products used in life science/biomedical 
research laboratories and contains:

        *Over 1800 product categories and associated suppliers
        *An alphabetical list of 1500 suppliers, including address,      
         phone, fax and internet contact information 

        *A complete check list of equipment, supplies, and reagents      
         needed for a new lab to become fully operational

        *Side-by-side technical comparisons of selected products

CSHL Press
Source Book/BioSupplyNet 
Phone: (516) 367-8325
Fax:   (516) 367-8432 
E-mail: boyce at cshl.org

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