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Pim Mager mager at
Tue Apr 16 10:36:32 EST 1996

Training and Mobility of Researchers (TMR) programme on Response of yeast
and plant cells to changes in external osmolarities.

We are looking for YOUNG POSTDOCTORAL SCIENTISTS (having EU nationality)
who are interested to join a consortium of eight groups in Amsterdam,
Vienna, Valencia, Leuven, Gothenburg and Gent.
Research objective: The collaborative project aims at improving our
understanding of the response of yeast and plant cells to changes in
external osmolarities. This field of research is highly important from both
the scientific and technological point of view. It would be of great
economical benefit and interest to be able to control the sensitivity of
crops to alterations in the osmolarity of the environment (salt exposure,
drought etc.). We will employ Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a microbial model
system to unravel the molecular mechanisms underlying the osmoresponse and
use these findings to examine corresponding processes in the model plant
Arabidopsis thaliana. Particular attention will be paid to the protein
kinase cascades and other signalling pathways that are elicited by changes
in environmental osmolarity. In addition, we wish to elucidate how
coordination between cellular growth control and stress control mechanisms
occurs. Apart from the response to non-specific changes in osmolarities
also the cellular reaction to specific salts will be investigated. We will
study yeast mutants defective in osmosignal transduction to elucidate so
far unknown components of the osmoresponse and use them to clone, by
complementation, corresponding plant genes. As such, the joint project is
expected to make a major contribution to the advancement of scientific
knowledge on the cellular response to osmotic changes and to the design of
technological strategies to improve crop quality.

For further information and application please contact the coordinator, dr
Pim Mager, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Vrije
Universiteit, Amsterdam; by fax 31 20 4447553 or e-mail.

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