Calcofluor staining

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Tomas Drgon wrote:
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> > Hi Netters,
> > I have read that calcofluor stains chitin in S. cerevisiae.  I have also read
> > that S. pombe does not have chitin.  As calcofluor stains S. pombe fission
> > plates, can anyone tell me what is the material stained in the fission plate?
> >  Thank you in advance.  Happy holidays to all.
> > Charlie Hoffman
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> Glucan.
> Tomas Drgon
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> Vinarske zavody Pezinok pozdravuju vsetky pokrokove sily sveta!

What kind of glucan, I wonder??

Also, pombe is reported to have glucosaminoglycan:

Sietsma JH
Wessels JG
The occurrence of glucosaminoglycan in the wall of
Schizosaccharomyces pombe.
J Gen Microbiol 1990 Nov;136 ( Pt 11):2261-5

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