Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall

Chong Jue Lipke at
Wed Apr 17 16:21:43 EST 1996

kzagar at (KZAGAR) wrote:
>I am trying to find some basic info on the structure of the cell wall of
>Sacc. cerevisiae. Mainly how laminarin, mannin, etc work in the cell wall
>Any info would be great
>Kathy Zagaroli

2 recent review articles that come to my mind are:

V. Cid et. al "Molecular Basis of Cell Integrity and Morphogenesis in S. 
cerevisiae"  Microbiological Reviews, Sept 1995, 59:p345-386.

F. Klis "Cell Wall assembly in yeast" Yeast (1994) 10:851-869.


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