staining nuclei

Nancy A. Markley markley at
Thu Apr 18 16:49:35 EST 1996

Hi netters,
I have been trying to stain nuclei of S. pombe with Hoechst 33258
stain. I get great staining of the nuclei, but I also see very
intense  staining of the septa. Can someone please shed some light on
why a DNA-specific dye would stain the septa? Is this normal for
pombe? I have tried to use DapI, but the staining is not as
intense and not as consistent as hoechst. Any help would be
greatly appreciated (please respond to my e-mail address)


Nancy Markley.

Dr. Nancy Markley
University of Calgary,
Dept. Medical Biochemistry.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
e-mail: markley at

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