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Sepp D. Kohlwein kohlwein at
Wed Apr 24 09:10:05 EST 1996

debbritt at (Deb Britt) wrote:
>I'm looking for a technique to perform indirect immunofluorescence to
>detect production of a particular protein in yeast cells.  I did find some
>references through a medline search, but I would be interested in hearing
>some recommendations from people as to what protocols they use to get
>reliable results.  You can post or email me directly.  Thanks!
>Deborah Britt, Ph.D.
>Medical Oncology
>RI Hospital/Brown University

Dear Deborah,
I just came across two new references published in Yeast Protocols (Series: Methods in Molecular Biology, Vol 53 (1996), 383-390 and 391-405) by J.Hasek and E.Streiblova. I did some confocal microscopy with Jirka Hasek and his immuno-flumi preps were outstanding !

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