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Target genes of the family of yeast zinc cluster transcriptional 

Position: Postdoc (salary support available)

Requirements: Ph.D. and experience with techniques in molecular biology

Description of the project: Among the organisms that are used as models 
for genomic projects, baker's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) will be, 
in few months, the first one with the complete DNA sequence of all its 
chromosomes determined. Given  that yeast has a small genome size (13.5 
millions base pairs), its ease of manipulation in the laboratory, and 
that many processes are highly conserved from yeast to human, it 
constitutes a powerful model.

As a result, many studies are aimed at identifying the role of the 
various open reading frames, (segments of DNA that encode proteins), 
many of which were revealed by the yeast sequencing project. However, 
less attention has been paid to the analysis of promoters that are short 
DNA segments that control the expression of genes. These sequences can 
be easily located in yeast. The aim of this project is to identify 
putative target sites of a family DNA binding proteins by searching a 
database with sequences that are recognized by members of this family. 
Predictions made from the search will then be verified experimentally. 
These studies should allow the identification of various gene networks. 
In addition, the information obtained should be useful in designing 
strategies to analyze gene networks in more complex organisms.

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